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Why Is Detox Important?
We can’t avoid toxins. We breathe them in, absorb them through our skin,and consume them in the foods we eat. We even generate toxins as natural by products of our body’s own metabolism. Though the human body comes equipped with a sophisticated detoxi­fication system designed to neutralize and expel toxins, the accumulation of toxins throughout the body may impair and overwhelm natural elimination processes. Switching to a “cleaner” diet or using nutritional remedies may not remove all the blockages that have developed over time. Our program is designed to homeopathically support the body in relieving the symptoms that occur with these blockages that cause natural elimination systems to be less than optimal.

A major advantage of our comprehensive homeopathic approach is that our remedies relieve symptoms related to drainage issues, meridian balance problems AND toxicity, according to traditional homeopathic principles. Nutritional detox and classical homeopathic approaches can result in patients experiencing a “healing crisis” as the body begins to activate and eliminate harbored toxins. Even mildly toxic patients will often feel mental fog, fatigue, or even ‑u-like symptoms as toxins begin to ­filter through their elimination systems. Our complex remedies homeopathically assist the body in relieving these symptoms resulting in greater comfort for the patient.

This outstanding therapy targets both toxic heavy metals and circulatory health issues.

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Memory loss
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Circulatory and cardiovascular disease

These are just some of the common responses to toxic heavy metal. Our formulas have the ability to mobilize and bind toxic metals; other ingredients assist in elimination of released toxins and prevent re-absorption by other parts of the body. Also provided are important ingredients that protect the liver and kidneys (your largest internal elimination organs) from becoming overburdened by the excretion of the toxins. Most individuals exhibit positive benefits and report feeling better within the first 30 days.

Who Needs A Detox Program?

Ideally, everyone would follow a detox protocol. Dr. Omaña may determine that patients with these types of issues are good candidates for whole-body care:

  • those with chronic illnesses and/or major medical issues
  • those with allergies
  • Patients with autoimmune disorders (lupus, ­fibromyalgia, MS, etc.)
  • Anyone recovering from a serious illness or surgery
  • Anyone on a calorie-restricted diet.