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The MISSION of the INSTITUTE is to provide Health, Wellness and Lifestyle education through a series of HEALTH CAMP sessions to prevent, arrest, and reverse acute and chronic health imbalances.

  • Each Attendee will receive an Attendance Certificate.
  • Healthy snacks will be served.
  • Door prizes will be offered.
  • Sundays from 3-5 pm.

CALL TODAY (281) 872-3000

Date Time Health Camp
12/06/2015 3-5 pm Your Hormones and Adrenal Fatigue
12/13/2015 3-5 pm How to Energize Your Thyroid
12/20/2015 3-5 pm Do you want a Perfect Sleep?
12/27/2015 3-5 pm Are You Sad? Depression-Anxiety
Date Time Health Camp
1/10/2015 3-5 pm Why Detox?
1/17/2015 3-5 pm Bloating? What is really inside your Guts? Check!!
1/24/2015 3-5 pm My 7 tips to improve Digestion, IBS, and Colitis.
1/31/2015 3-5 pm ADDH and Autism.
Date Time Health Camp
2/07/2015 3-5 pm How can parasites affect your daily performance?
2/14/2016 3-5 pm How to prevent and Arrest Diabetes
2/21/2015 3-5 pm Headaches and Migraines-How to release it!

Benefits Received During The Health Camps:

  • Gain insight into a new paradigm of Natural Health and Wellness and its supporting Science
  • Learn effectively and plan your health and wellness restoration
  • Understanding the causes of your imbalances and conducting your thoughts towards a maintenance program
  • Become aware of resources and methods for accessing materials
  • Learn the tools to decrease system costs in accountable health care
  • Receive a Certificate of Attendance
  • Door prices available in each session
  • Healthy snacks will be served