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-1 1/2 hour initial intake session
-5 x 45 minutes follow ups
- A Complete Health Evaluation and Cell Function testing, health risk factors and a road map for your health with a FDA approved Medical Device ES-C Scan (non-invasive).
-Personalized Protocol - Nutritional lifestyle Protocol
-Basic Set of Initial Labs
-Support for questions between sessions (Email / Texting / Calls)
-List of recommended individualized nutritional foods and possible food sensitivities.
-10% Discount on supplements as Loyalty discount
-Additional Labs cost are extra


During the 90 minutes consultation, Dr. Omaña will conduct a full medical history, review of prior lab tests and scans that you have brought with you, evaluation of current medications and supplements, answers to your questions, a physical exam and a fully-explained natural therapy plan. This thorough visit allows you and your naturopathic medical doctor, Dr. Alicia Omaña, to get to the root cause of your imbalances so that your health concerns can be properly addressed for long term health gains.

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Follow up visits are usually shorter (45) minutes and cost proportionally less. The fee is based upon the time and complexity of the follow-up. The cost of the follow-up visit depends on the time spent with patient. Dr. Omana will likely schedule a follow up visit with you two to four weeks after the initial visit. The purpose of the follow up visits is to review tests ordered during the initial visit, evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment plan, and make any necessary adjustments to it. The frequency of future visits will vary.


Patients have the ability to do Tele-medicine or phone consultations with Dr. Omaña. These are a great resource to out-of-town patients.


This is a paying homage service to the great family doctors of the past. Dr. Omaña does house calls for established patients. It will offer the convenience of not leaving their home – especially if they are feeling under the weather. There is a travel fee for home visits depending on the location. No house calls over 50 miles from the Wellness Center in Houston area.


Service Length Cost
Initial Consult (Adult) 1 1/2 Hour Call for Pricing
Follow-Up Adult 45 Minutes Call for Pricing
Initial Children Consult 45 Minutes Call for Pricing
Follow-Up Children 30 Minutes Call for Pricing
Phone Consult 45 Minutes Call for Pricing
"Get to Know You" Session 20 Minutes (By phone ONLY) FREE