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Menopause, Hot flashes, Mood Swings

Some possible unpleasant symptoms, irregular menstrual periods, hot flashes, moodiness, vaginal dryness. Talk to your naturopath doctor.

Do you want to take control of your health and wellness? How would you like to learn about a simple solution that will empower you to confidently and effectively handle almost any ailment? And to be able to do this anytime, and anywhere. Quickly, easily and at an exceptionally low cost?

If you’re here, then Wellness is important to you and, for your family. And you’re probably tired of conventional medicine and the side effects that come with most drugs. And the COST!

Most of us would prefer the safe and gentle approach of Natural medicine. Natural formulas that can be given safely, even to very small children without harmful or dangerous effects. But there are too many natural formulas and remedies. It’s really confusing. Even if you’ve read books, and taken some courses, it’s still hard to pick the BEST natural formula or remedy.

Dr. Omaña has the key solution. She will be able to select the one formula that most closely matches your exact symptoms. That’s how you get the fastest and most effective results.

But, how can we figure out the best natural health care? Especially at 3:00 am with a sick and miserable child?

Or it’s YOU that’s sick. You’ve got a high fever from the flu, and you barely have enough energy to roll over. That’s not the best time to be trying to think about the best natural medicine or remedy by reading through textbooks or trying to understand complex medical terms.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you had access to a Naturopathic Medical Doctor? Who closely analyze your symptoms and then provide the proper natural formula recommendation?

Here’s the solution:

My Acute Natural Health Consultation is based on over 35 years of practicing, reading thousands of pages of Natural Health Medical textbooks, Pharmacopeia, and working with World -renowned Naturopaths, MD’s-Homeopaths, Functional Medicine Doctors and Natural healers. I offer a Naturopathic Doctor consult that can be simplistically done by a phone call, Remote Portal Health online or in person.

Let me be clear,

This is not a replacement for formal medical care, especially for long term, or serious health problems. We offer referrals to qualified and credentialed Medical Doctors or Natural Health specialists for anything that’s outside this program.

My Natural Health Consultation is for regular Day-to-day wellness issues. Acne, Hangover, Colds, Flu, allergies, back pain, female issues, Skin problems, and 65 other common ailments.

Here’s the amazing part: My Natural Health Consultations interview will allow you to safely and quickly manage 85% of the health problems that come up for an ordinary or extraordinary family.

Dr. Omaña is careful to use an ease language and not fancy medical terms.

The natural formulas (remedies) that we recommend are available and dispensed by Omana Natural Wellness Center.

You’ll be ready. For almost anything!

We offer a quick $45.00 medical natural consultation