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Virtual Health Portal

We now offer all patients/clients a convenient and secure website (HIPPA approved) to help manage your health. You can sign up by letting us know at our center with just your email address.

Omana Natural Wellness and MedSPa Center Telemedicine Fruit Street health portal lets you:

  • Use secure messaging with your care team
  • Manage your appointments
  • View test results
  • Review medical history
  • Have consultations from your home or office
  • Visual food diary
  • Glucometer and Blood Pressure Cuff Integration
  • FitBit and iHealth devices integration
  • Tips for a healthy life style
  • Vsee video engine with bandwidth efficient used by NASA

• Simplify your access to My Fruit Street Health! Download Fruit street Health smartphone app.

What Is Telehealth?
Telehealth is the use of technology in a way that allows your healthcare providers to communicate with you remotely.

Flexible Scheduling
It allows you to schedule secure healthcare provider appointments from the comfort of your home or office. Select from available appointment slots or search for the first available appointment.

FitBit and iHealth Integration
Store all of your Fitbit and iHealth data in a shared dashboard for your healthcare provider’s review and feedback on your activity levels, sleep cycles, and overall fitness.

Visual Food Diary
Use the Fruit Street mobile app to easily upload pictures of your meals and get specific feedback from your provider. Visual Food Diary

HIPAA Compliant Video Consultations
Our system allows you to attend healthcare provider appointments from the privacy of your home or office. Our software is fully HIPAA compliant, so you never need to worry about the security of your medical records.

The video engine behind Fruit Street is incredibly bandwidth efficient, and is the same video software used by NASA on the International Space Station.

Glucometer and Blood Pressure Cuff Integration
Providers can view your blood sugar and blood pressure data instantly.

Track Health Goals
It allows you to set personal health goals with your healthcare provider, then track your progress on a weekly basis through data collected by your fitness wearable’s and other information you provide. Your healthcare provider can monitor your progress and provide feedback to keep you on track.

Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle
Based on your goals, Omana Natural Wellness and MedSpa Center will provide tips and information to foster a healthy lifestyle, and provide tools and motivation to help you make lasting changes in your diet, fitness level and overall well-being.

Register Today!
If you’re interested in signing up for the virtual telemedicine portal, let us know! You'll receive an invitation to the portal by email.