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VISITING YOUR FAMILY MEDICAL DOCTOR IS NOT the same as seeing a Nutritional Consultant, Wellness Consultant or Traditional Naturopath.

The medical models of care that MDs and NDs use with their patients/clients are very different. MDs tend to focus on reactive healthcare; utilizing pharmaceutical prescriptions or surgeries when appropriate. Reactive healthcare is imperative in emergent, life threatening or severe physical injuries or poisonings. We need Medical doctors for this type of care.

You are welcome to contact Omana Natural Wellness Center or visit our website www.OmanaNaturalWellness.com; we offer a free 20 minute (By Phone appointment ONLY) “Get to Know You Session” with Alicia C Omaña, Nutritional and Natural Wellness Consultant. She will ask you many questions about your wellness to determine if she can help you or not, if there is some way she can help you, she’ll be sure to let you know, and if she can’t, she will point you in the right direction. During this session you get answers to your questions about how we conduct our work, what services we offer, we make sure that you have all the information you need to make the decision to embark on your wellness journey to improve your health.

INITIAL INTAKE APPOINTMENT. When you schedule your initial appointment, we will provide you with Intake forms as new Client. You can find these forms in our website, please print, fill out and bring them with you. Our staff can either email or mail these to you, or you can print and fill it out through the link on our website by clicking under INTAKE FORMS. Please arrive at least 10 minutes early for your appointment.


During your first visit, you will spend 45 (children) to 90 (adults) minutes,it can be in person, by phone. During this 1-on-1 consultation, the specific condition will be directed to deliver a result, a result that the client really wants. Alicia Omana will go over your intake paperwork with you, gathering information on the history of wellness, getting a clear picture of your current situation.

She will also go over nutritional supplements that you take. Your willingness to be fully open and honest during this time is very important – the more honest you can be, the better we are able to help you. Your commitment and determination to improve your wellness is a pivotal key for your balance.

Finally, she will develop a personalized nutritional program based on your imbalances. The individualized protocol will include recommendations for your beginning stages of improvement such as follow-up visits, nutritional modifications, lifestyle factors, and/ or other nutritional supplements. She provides support for questions through emails phone calls or texting.

Follow-up Consultations

Follow up visits are anywhere from 2-4 weeks after the initial. It varies from person to person.